“Whisper is currently providing me with Marketing for my business and the advice and work to date has been of the highest calibre. As a Marketing expert, Fergal provides both excellent creative input as well as great business generating ideas. He is a wonderful person to work with and great value for money.” Joe Hussey, Principal Consultant, Via Consulting
“We've worked with Fergal on a variety of corporate identity and branding projects over the last 10+ years. Extremely professional and detailed in his approach, he’s also a most enjoyable person to work with.”
Paul McBride, Director, Detail. Design Studio.

“I've worked with Fergal for over six years on branding, communications and advertising projects. He's organised, detailed, collaborative, responsive, supportive and enthusiastic. A vital characteristic is that he both understands and supports the branding and visual design process and is focused on achieving the best possible solution - he always has the end goal in mind.”
Elaine Tierney, Director/Brand Consultant at Kunnert & Tierney, Kunnert & Tierney branding and communications design

“Fergal was a client of mine during his time working on the Jetmagic airline brand. this time, I found Fergal's contribution and leadership to be positive, proactive and always valuable. Fergal is both a pragmatist and a theorist that doesn't sweat the small stuff!”
Damian Cranney, Strategy Consultant, Frank. Design Strategy & Communication.

“I worked with Whisper in the fulfillment of a project and found it to be one of the most rewarding that I have worked on. Fergal’s ability to define and clearly communicate the objectives, methodology and deliverables ensured that the project ran smoothly and was delivered on time and within budget. I would highly recommend Whisper and Fergal in this capacity, as his approach and attention to detail ensures projects’ success.”
Graham Darcy, Managing Director, Base Creative.Web Design & SEO


“By coincidence I met Fergal in a very critical stage of my life, I learned and was inspired tremendously by his charisma and good-hearted personality. His positive attitude and expertise directed me on making a choice that changed my life and career. I highly recommend you get the opportunity to meet Fergal and allow him listen and coach.”
Tiziana D'Andrea supervisor at Marketing & Telematica España
“I have found Fergal to use his vast marketing experience within the coaching field to great effect. He is dedicated and persistent about finding the right market to be coached. He has a strong empathy for where he finds the client and gives great attention to areas where he/she would benefit on focusing more attention. Nuala Duignan Life and Business Coach”
Nuala Duignan

Fergal was trustworthy, reliable and innovative in dealing with luxury 5 star hotel Castlemartyr Resort. I would work with Fergal again and wish him every success.”
Olive Roberts, Director of Sales, Capella Castlemartyr

"Much wisdom often comes from fewest words."